Life as a medical writer

You might be interested to know that life as a medical writer is quite simple.

And the simple life suits me for sure.

You see, I’m not the type that wants bags, shoes, cars or designer clothes.

I do enjoy a meal out and I’m a sucker for sushi or steak though.

I like to connect with people’s minds and maintain what money cannot buy.

What’s that?

Good health.

You know it and I know it. Without good health, life can be hard.

Medical writing involves taking complex ideas in science and making them easy to understand.

Being someone who can understand science and then communicate it to the public is a gift.

I fully love my job as a medical writer, and I want more people to learn how to write this way.

I’m developing a medical writing course for people who have a science background.

The passion and drive to write, to explain and entertain science burns deep within my soul.

Tapping away at my computer keys for 7 and a half hours a day, then spending my time as I wish – I feel totally blessed.

Thank you for reading and I hope you feel inspired to take a step towards using your talents as a medical writer to improve people’s health too 🙂

[Grade 4 readability on hemingwayapp]

Published by Virginia Chachati

I am a UK GPhC registered Pharmacist from London. I love to write easy to understand health and wellness content. My goal is to help empower people to better their own health.

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