Medical writing courses

Here are five lifetime access medical writing courses that I’ve created for you. These were made from years of experience as a medical writer, and hundreds of conversations with our free medical writing community on LinkedIn to help you get into medical writing. I also continuously update the courses based on feedback from students 🙂

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Coming soon:
Write Clinic – Fundamentals of medical writing

A hand holding a silver fountain pen and writing in a spiral bound notebook with glasses on one page.

Medical writing skills for beginners

A pink background with a black stethoscope, green face mark, black glasses, a white plastic medical glove and a white spiral bound notebook with a white clickable pen.

How to create a portfolio to get into medical writing

Green plants around a lady sitting at a laptop on a desk and holding a tablet pen in her hand with her hands on the keyboard of the laptop.

Freelance medical writing for beginners

Blue scrubs with a blue stethoscope in the pocket and a black pen clipped inside the pocket.

How to use LinkedIn to get a medical writing job

A white man in a white jump leans over the desk over his laptop and coffee cups and a cactus to shake the hand of a white lady wearing a cream jumper.

How to create a medical writing CV

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