Mini articles to help you become a medical writer and my thoughts as a medical writer 🙂

I promise they’re easy to read and you’ll learn something that you can use starting today.

What is…

What is SEO?

What is jargon?

What is the best reading age?

What is tone of voice?

What is plain English?

What is the active voice?

What’s the difference between a medical writer and a medical copywriter?

Medical writing

Medical writing: keeping it brief

Medical writing: explain ‘risk’

Medical writing: explain unlicensed

10 reasons why you need a medical writing portfolio

Getting into medical writing

Getting into medical writing: create a free online portfolio

Getting into medical writing: follow hashtags on LinkedIn

How to create an awesome LinkedIn profile

Course: How to create a medical writing portfolio to win clients

Course: Medical Writing Skills for Beginners

Course: Freelance Medical Writing for Beginners

Course: How to create a medical writing CV

Course: How to use LinkedIn to get a medical writing job

How to write clearly as a medical writer

Health and wellness writing

Health writing: trigger words to avoid

Health writing: rethink the word ‘diet’

2 punctuation marks to avoid in health writing

What does a medical writer do?

Life as a medical writer

Is medical writing stressful?

How do I work from home in Germany for a UK company?

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