3 reasons to use Alt text on LinkedIn

🔹Alt text will make your image more accessible to people who are less able to see well, and those that cannot see. 🔹You’ve got 300 characters on LinkedIn to describe your image with an Alt text. Now that’s pretty generous, and LinkedIn will be able to understand what your post is about (and show yourContinue reading “3 reasons to use Alt text on LinkedIn”

How to write clearly by Tom Albrighton

Worth its weight in gold, and a steal for less than £20 How to write clearly by Tom Albrighton ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you had 5 hours to do anything READ THIS BOOK! 300 pages of easy reading, hand on heart. Communicating clearly is an absolutely indispensable skill. It’s so easy to quickly type out an email and sendContinue reading “How to write clearly by Tom Albrighton”

Getting into medical writing: How to create a free online portfolio

Your first step to getting into medical writing Why you need a clickable & easy to share online portfolio. Contents What is an online portfolio? Why do I need an online portfolio? How can I create an online portfolio for free? What is an online portfolio? An online portfolio is a link to a websiteContinue reading “Getting into medical writing: How to create a free online portfolio”

Getting into medical writing with LinkedIn: Hashtags

A resource you can use with LinkedIn, to help you get into medical writing LinkedIn hashtags you should follow Contents What is a hashtag on LinkedIn? Where can I find hashtags on LinkedIn and how do I follow a hashtag? What happens when I follow a hashtag on LinkedIn? Which hashtags should I follow onContinue reading “Getting into medical writing with LinkedIn: Hashtags”